Symposium: Contract as Promise at 30: The Future of Contract Theory

Symposium: Contract as Promise at 30: The Future of Contract Theory. Suffolk University Law Review, Volume XLV Book 3, available online.

Jeffrey M Lipshaw
Contract as Meaning: An Introduction to Contract as Promise at 30

Barbara H Fried
The Holmesian Bad Man Flubs His Entrance

Randy E Barnett
Contract Is Not Promise; Contract Is Consent

Jean Braucher
The Sacred and Profane Contracts Machine: The Complex Morality of Contract Law in Action

Gregory Klass
Promise etc

Brian H Bix
Theories of Contract Law and Enforcing Promissory Morality: Comments on Charles Fried

Richard Craswell
Promises and Prices

Avery Katz
Virtue Ethics and Efficient Breach

Daniel Markovits & Alan Schwartz
The Expectation Remedy and the Promissory Basis of Contract

George Triantis
Promissory Autonomy, Imperfect Courts, and the Immorality of the Expectation Damages Default

Juliet P Kostritsky
The Promise Principle and Contract Interpretation

Curtis Bridgeman & John CP Goldberg
Do Promises Distinguish Contract From Tort?

Henry E Smith
The Equitable Dimension of Contract

Roy Kreitner
On the New Pluralism in Contract Theory

Nathan B Oman
Promise and Private Law

Charles Fried
Contract As Promise Thirty Years On

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