‘Zooming Out of Forum Non Conveniens’

A recently published note in the Columbia Law Review, written by Christabel Narh, draws a connection between the federal courts’ technological learning curve during the pandemic and the future of forum non conveniens. ‘Zooming Our Way Out of the Forum Non Conveniens Doctrine’ argues that the federal courts’ trial-by-fire with videoconferencing and remote litigation during the pandemic should spark a reevaluation of the old forum non conveniens framework set out in Gulf Oil Corp v Gilbert (1947) … (more)

[Maggie Gardner, Transnational Litigation Blog, 8 February 2024]

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    Just stumbled upon Christabel Narh’s insightful piece on the future of forum non conveniens in light of pandemic-induced technological advancements in the Columbia Law Review. 🌐✨ It’s fascinating to see how the necessity of remote litigation is challenging traditional legal doctrines and potentially paving the way for a more accessible justice system. Narh’s call for uniform videoconferencing rules to standardize the forum non conveniens analysis is a game-changer, suggesting a shift towards a legal landscape where geography no longer dictates the ease of legal proceedings. This piece is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and law, highlighting an innovative approach to overcoming long-standing legal hurdles. Kudos to Narh for such a thought-provoking contribution! Hukuk Büroları; boşanma avukatı ; Boşanma Avukatları 📚👩‍⚖️ #LegalInnovation #FutureOfLaw

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