‘Innovations in Complex Litigation and Settlement’ (Law and Contemporary Problems)

Foreword (David M Bernick, David F Levi and Christopher A Seeger)

Francis McGovern: The Consummate Facilitator, Teacher, and Scholar (Elizabeth Cabraser and Robert Klonoff)

Francis McGovern: Special Master Par Excellence (Dan Polster)

Francis McGovern: A Personal Remembrance (Vaughn R Walker)

A Hub-and-Spoke Model of Multidistrict Litigation (D Theodore Rave and Francis E McGovern)

In Defense of Private Claims Resolution Facilities (Lynn A Baker and Charles Silver)

Class Certification in the US Courts of Appeals: A Longitudinal Study (Stephen B Burbank and Sean Farhang)

Many Minds, Many MDL Judges (Brian T Fitzpatrick)

MDL Drano: Rule 23-Based Solutions to Mass Tort Buildup (Myriam Gilles and Gary Friedman)

Improving Our Understanding of Mass Claims Evolution, Management, and Resolution: A Research Agenda in Honor of Francis McGovern (Deborah R Hensler)

Rule 23 and the Triumph of Experience Samuel Issacharoff)

A Legend in His Own Time, and a Fixer for Mass Tort Litigation (Richard Marcus)

Internal and External Governance in Complex Litigation (Troy A McKenzie)

Mature Aggregation and Angst: Reframing Complex Litigation by Echoing Francis McGovern’s Early Insights into Remedial Innovation (Judith Resnik)


‘In Memoriam: Professor Francis McGovern’, Law and Contemporary Problems Volume 84, Number 2 (2021)

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