Nathan Miller, ‘Human Rights Abuses as Tort Harms: Losses in Translation’

This Article provides the first-ever examination of the normative challenges posed by bringing international human rights claims in state courts under the common law of torts. It argues that the normative structure of the private law of torts cannot adequately address the very different concerns at stake when addressing public harms. Torts address issues that arise between two parties and those parties alone. But public law addresses harms done simultaneously to individuals and to the body politic. Redress for public harms should encompass both individual and systemic remedies, but tort law offers only the former. Instead of advancing tort claims, advocates should urge state courts to exercise their concurrent jurisdiction over the customary international legal norms incorporated into the federal common law to hear claims for violations of international human rights.

Nathan J Miller, ‘Human Rights Abuses as Tort Harms: Losses in Translation’. Seton Hall Law Review, Vol 46, Issue 2, Article 5 (2016).

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