Just Published: Robertson and Tilbury (eds), Divergences in Private Law and The Common Law of Obligations – Divergence and Unity

Two books out of the 7th Conference on the Law of Obligations held in Hong Kong in July 2014; for a 25% reduction where both are bought together see here.

Divergences in Private Law: This book is a study of doctrinal and methodological divergence in the common law of obligations. It explores particular departures from the common law mainstream, the causes and effects of those departures, and the extent to which they undermine the idea of the common law as a single, transnational body of law … (more)

The Common Law of Obligations – Divergence and Unity: The development of the law of obligations across the common law world has been, and continues to be, a story of unity and divergence. Its common origins continue to exert a powerful stabilising influence, carried forward by a methodology that places heavy weight on the historical foundations of legal principles … (more)

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