‘Laws of Ice and Fire: George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire cycle from a legal historian’s perspective’

George RR Martin’s (unfinished) Song of Ice and Fire series, also, as Game of Thrones, a massively successful TV series, is set in a quasi-medieval fantasy world. I am happy to note that there is quite a bit of legal content, with references to trials, laws, lawmakers. It falls within the Venn diagram overlap of my interests (fantasy, medieval history, law), and so naturally I have been making notes on the legal or legal-historical ideas present in the series. Because of the incomplete nature of the SIF cycle, it is not possible to draw a definitive picture of the prevailing legal system(s), but there are several points of interest which I will set out here … (more)

[Gwen Seabourne, Bracton’s Sister, 7 July 2024]

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