Shreya Agarwala, ‘When Sharing Isn’t Caring: Children’s Reputations and Sharenting’

A picture is worth a thousand words … or likes, or dollars. But is it worth a child’s dignity? Social media’s youngest stars, or kidfluencers, grow up in the eyes of the public. As their parents engage in sharenting, or posting one’s child on social media, the kidfluencers lose their privacy, their capacity to create their own reputation, and even their online safety. This Note proposes a reputational and privacy tort to provide redress to former kidfluencers whose privacy was traded for social media likes.

Agarwala, Shreya, When Sharing Isn’t Caring: Children’s Reputations and Sharenting (March 26, 2024), Columbia Human Rights Law Review, volume 51.

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