Liew and Garnett, ‘Trusts Jurisdiction Clauses: An Analysis’

While jurisdiction clauses, or choice of court agreements, are increasingly utilised in trust deeds, the common law rules which apply to these clauses are far from clear. In comparison to the contractual context, the use of jurisdiction clauses in the trusts context is relatively more recent, and the relevant authorities are sparse. This situation is a source of concern, since the present state of the law detracts from the very reason for which a jurisdiction clause is frequently used in modern trusts practice, namely, the attainment of certainty. Therefore, it is important that this area of law is properly analysed, and its principles carefully stated. This article begins first by discussing the contractual position, since the rules which apply in that context are often adopted, adapted, or taken as a point of comparison in trusts cases. It then discusses the three relevant questions which arises in relation to jurisdiction clauses in the trusts context, namely the existence, scope, and enforceability of a jurisdiction clause. The final section concludes the article.

Liew, Ying Khai and Garnett, Richard, Trusts Jurisdiction Clauses: An Analysis (2024), Law Quarterly Review, Forthcoming.

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