Zamir and Teichman (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics and the Law

The first comprehensive and systematic introduction to behavioral legal studies. Provides a critical introduction to the heuristics and biases literature, human pro-social motivation, and moral judgment. Includes dozens of critical surveys of the behavioral analysis of various legal fields, ranging from tort, contract, property and insurance law to regulation, evidence, and litigation. The past twenty years have witnessed a surge in behavioral studies of law and law-related issues. These studies have challenged the application of the rational-choice model to legal analysis and introduced a more accurate and empirically grounded model of human behavior. This integration of economics, psychology, and law is breaking exciting new ground in legal theory and the social sciences, shedding a new light on age-old legal questions as well as cutting edge policy issues … (more)

Eyal Zamir and Doron Teichman (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics and the Law. $150.00, hardcover, 16 October 2014, 840 Pages. ISBN: 9780199945474.

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