‘Three Strikes for Copyright’

Abhishek Nagaraj, Does Copyright Affect Reuse? Evidence from Google Books and Wikipedia, Management Science (forthcoming 2017), available at abhishekn.com. How should copyright law change to take account of the internet? Should copyright expand to plug the internet’s leakiness and protect content that the internet would otherwise make more freely available? Or, should copyright relax its strict liability regime given diverse and productive reuses in the internet age and the benefits networked diffusion provides users and second-generation creators? Answering these questions depends on what we think copyright is for and how it is used and confronted by creators and audiences. In a new article studying these questions in the very focused setting of Wikipedia articles about baseball and baseball players (there are more than you might imagine!), Professor Abhishek Nagaraj demonstrates that where production of new knowledge depends on pre-existing information, strong copyright law can reduce both the quality and quantity of new content … (more)

[Jessica Silbey, JOTWELL, 13 October]

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