‘The Path Toward Corporate Accountability on Human Rights’

Erika George, ‘Incorporating Rights: Strategies to Advance Corporate Accountability’ (2021). Corporate law readers: Do not let this excellent new work by Erika George escape your attention. It is a book focused on human rights. But make no mistake it is about corporations and it richly deserves a spot on your reading list. The motivating problem in this area is relatively well understood: global human rights slip through the cracks of different regulatory regimes. As Professor George explains: ‘[C]orporate law fails to adequately address the external effects of the modern corporation and its relationship to society’. Further, ‘public international law fails to adequately govern the conduct of private nonstate actors’. Multinational corporations influence the ability of many millions of people to enjoy human rights, but these corporations are not currently understood to have the requisite international legal personality to become a party to an existing, binding international human rights treaty … (more)

[Elizabeth Pollman, JOTWELL, 2 September]

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