The New Private Law from the Harvard Law Review: Theory, Tort, Property, and more Theory


Introduction: Pragmatism and Private Law by John CP Goldberg

The Obligatory Structure of Copyright Law: Unbundling the Wrong of Copying by Shyamkrishna Balganesh
Response: Copyright Is Not About Copying by Abraham Drassinower
Response: Unifying Copyright: An Instrumentalist’s Response to Shyamkrishna Balganesh by Richard A Epstein

Property as the Law of Things by Henry E Smith
Response: Exclusion and Private Law Theory: A Comment on Property as the Law of Things by Eric R Claeys
Response: Property as Modularity by Thomas W Merrill

Duties, Liabilities, and Damages by Stephen A Smith
Response: Comments on Stephen Smith’s ‘Duties, Liabilities, and Damages’ by Emily Sherwin

Palsgraf, Punitive Damages, and Preemption by Benjamin C Zipursky
Response: New Private Law Theory and Tort Law: A Comment by Keith N Hylton
Response: Method and Morality in the New Private Law of Torts by John Oberdiek

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