‘The Latest in One-Sided Boilerplate Terms’

“Today’s New York Times reports on the extension of non-compete agreements to categories of employment not previously subject to them. This isn’t really news, but it is nice to see the Times giving serious space to the issue, which I view as just another one-sided boilerplate term that employers are imposing on their employees. The difference here is that courts don’t enforce non-competes if they overreach. However, the reality is that courts rarely get the opportunity to review non-competes, either because employees don’t have the resources to fight them or because, as illustrated in the Times article, competitors are sometimes reluctant to risk a suit and so they do not hire people subject to non-competes, even if those non-competes might be unreasonable …” (more)

[Jeremy Telman, ContractsProf Blog, 9 June]

First posted 2014-06-09 16:28:52

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