‘The Dream of Property Professors’

Michael Heller and James Salzman, Mine! How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives (2021). Michael Heller and James Salzman’s new book, Mine! How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives, is a dream come true for property professors. I suspect that many of us have moments when we think to ourselves, ‘wow, this stuff is really interesting’, imagining that property law could somehow be of general interest. Too often that dream is killed when the eyes of non-lawyers, including family members, start to glaze over when they hear words like rule against perpetuities or trademark. Heller and Salzman have succeeded in making the stories property professors tell the stuff of a bestseller. They retell many of the standard classroom or analytical stories in a way that is both interesting to the general public and somehow worthy of broad discussion … (more)

[Ezra Rosser, JOTWELL, 22 November]

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