‘Technology and Legal Citation “Stickiness”’

“An interesting citation paper caught my eye, principally for its research design. In ‘Citation Stickiness, Computer-Assisted Legal Research, and the Universe of Thinkable Thoughts’, Aaron Kirschenfeld (UNC) and Alexa Chew (UNC), set out to explore how citation ‘stickiness’ has survived the emergence of a ‘digital era’ in legal research. What the paper means by ‘stickiness’ is that, in theory, the percentage of sticky citations in courts’ opinions would be something approaching 100%. That is, the parties would discuss the relevant authorities in their briefs, and the court would rely on the same authorities in its opinions …” (more)

[Michael Heise, Empirical Legal Studies, 12 September]

First posted 2021-09-13 14:00:18

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