Symposium: Torts and Civil Rights Law: Migration and Conflict: Ohio State Law Journal

Martha Chamallas and Sandra F Sperino, ‘Torts and Civil Rights Law: Migration and Conflict: Symposium Introduction’

William R Corbett, ‘What is Troubling About the Tortification of Employment Discrimination Law?’

Charles A Sullivan, ‘Is There Madness to the Method?: Torts and Other Influences on Employment Discrimination Law’

Sandra F Sperino, ‘Let’s Pretend Discrimination Is a Tort’

W Jonathan Cardi, ‘The Role of Negligence Duty Analysis in Employment Discrimination Cases’

Maria L Ontiveros, ‘The Fundamental Nature of Title VII’

Catherine E Smith, ‘Looking to Torts: Exploring the Risks of Workplace Discrimination’

Ifeoma Anjunwa, ‘Genetic Testing Meets Big Data: Tort and Contract Law Issues’

Laura Rothstein, ‘Disability Discrimination Statutes or Tort Law: Which Provides the Best Means to Ensure an Accessible Environment?’

Martha Chamallas, ‘Two Very Different Stories: Vicarious Liability Under Tort and Title VII Law’

L Camille Hebert, ‘Conceptualizing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as a Dignitary Tort’

Deborah L Brake, ‘Tortifying Retaliation: Protected Activity at the Intersection of Fault, Duty, and Causation’

Ohio State Law Journal, Volume 75, Number 6 (2014)

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