Symposium: ‘Tort Law And Social Policy’

‘Introduction’, Stephan Landsman

‘ Reflections on Tort and the Administrative State’, Robert L Rabin

‘Strict Liability in Negligence’, Kenneth S Abraham

‘An Alternative Explanation for No-Fault’s “Demise”’, Nora Freeman Engstrom

‘The Coherence of Compensation-Deterrence Theory in Tort Law’, Mark A Geistfeld

‘Public-Private Approaches To Mass Tort Victim Compensation: Some Thoughts On The Gulf Coast Claims Facility’, Myriam Gilles

‘Convergence and Contrast in Tort Scholarship: An Essay in honor of Robert Rabin’, John CP Goldberg and Benjamin C Zipursky

‘The Federal Employers’ Liability Act: Sense And Nonsense About Causation’, Michael D Green

‘Recovering Rylands: An Essay For Robert Rabin’, Gregory C Keating

‘Professor Rabin and the Administrative State’, Peter H Schuck

‘The Failed Promise of a General Theory of Pure Economic Loss: An Accident Of History?’, Anthony J. Sebok

‘Against Categorical Preemption: Vaccines and the Compensation Piece of the Preemption Puzzle’, Catherine M Sharkey

‘Why No Duty?’, Stephen D Sugarman


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DePaul Law Review, Winter, 2012, 61 DePaul L. Rev. Symposium: Festschrift For Robert Rabin: Seventeenth Annual Clifford Symposium On Tort Law And Social Policy:

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