‘Supreme Court brings private nuisance into the 21st century’

Coventry v. Lawrence [2014] UKSC 13, 26 February 2014. The law of private nuisance is the way of balancing the rights of neighours, the right to be noisy or smelly, and to be free of noise or smells. Hitherto it is has been explicitly a private law remedy, and has slightly odd rules. But it has been struggling with public interests for some years; are they irrelevant, or can they carry the day for claimant or defendant in a private nuisance claim? Fortunately, enough of the big issues bedevilling this area of the law came before the Supreme Court in one fell swoop …” (more)

[David Hart, UK Human Rights Blog, 3 March]

First posted 2014-03-04 13:52:46

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