Special number on Civil Recourse Theory – Florida SULR

Florida State University Law Review VOLUME 39 -FALL 2011 – NUMBER 1

Civil Recourse or Civil Powers? by Curtis Bridgeman
Civil Recourse as Mutual Accountability by Stephen Darwall & Julian Darwall
Torts and Other Wrongs by John Gardner
The Taxonomy of Civil Recourse by Andrew S Gold
Tort Law at the Founding by John CP Goldberg
Corrective Justice for Civil Recourse Theorists by Scott Hershovitz
Is Tort Law a Form of Institutionalized Revenge? by Gabriel Seltzer Mendlow
Why There is No Duty to Pay Damages: Powers, Duties, and Private Law by Nathan B Oman
Civil Recourse and Separation of Wrongs and Remedies by Arthur Ripstein
What is Wrong about Wrongdoing? by Anthony J Sebok
Interpreting Tort Law by Emily Sherwin
Civil Recourse and Social Equality by Jason M Solomon
Civil Recourse and Corrective Justice by Ernest J Weinrib
Substantive Standing, Civil Recourse, and Corrective Justice by Benjamin C Zipursky
Civil Recourse Revisited by John CP Goldberg & Benjamin C Zipursky

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