Simone Schroff, ‘The purpose of copyright – moving beyond the theory’

Since the early 1990s,copyright policy has increasingly shifted to European Union (EU) level as digital technology revolutionized how copyright protected works are produced, distributed and consumed. While copyright law remains territorial with some member states variation, three decades of harmonization have led to a distinct EU copyright policy with key legal concepts that have to be interpreted independently of national law. For example, recent discussions about the Digital Single Market Directive are distinct in their scope and emphasis from concerns raised at member state level and involved a different set of stakeholders, not least because many stakeholders have formed EU-level organizations to represent their interests. EU policy today sets the benchmark for its member states, defining both the rights available to right holders and the scope of exceptions. While the creative industries succeed as an economic force, the policy’s track record is highly controversial …

Simone Schroff, The purpose of copyright – moving beyond the theory, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, Published: 27 November 2021.

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