Shauna Van Praagh, ‘Child (in civil wrongs)’

An inquiry into the notion of ‘child’ can be undertaken in many areas of law, each of which offers insight into the contours and significance of the term. In a complementary way, paying attention to the ‘child’ has the capacity to enrich our understanding of the preoccupations particular to any legal domain under scrutiny. In this short essay, the law governing the rapport between wrongdoing and consequential suffering is explored as both relevant to, and revealed by, children. Childhood, while sometimes referred to as carefree, is marked by the fundamental elements of the private law of civil wrongs: restraint, responsibility, and repair …


Van Praagh, Shauna, ‘Child (in civil wrongs)’, McGill Law Journal, September 2021, volume 66 issue 1, pp 13-18.

First posted 2021-10-16 10:00:05

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