Sergio Campos, ‘The Class Action Awakens’

For the past eight terms the Supreme Court has increased its focus on the law of class actions. In doing so, the Court has revised the law to better accord with a view of the class action as an exception to an idealized picture of litigation. This ‘exceptional’ view of the class action has had a profound impact not only on class action law, but procedural and substantive law in general. However, in the October 2015 term the Court decided three class action cases which support an alternative, ‘functional’ view of the class action, one that does not view the class action as exceptional, but as one of many equally permissible tools to serve the objectives of substantive law. This alternative view has the potential to have a similarly significant impact on the law, but it is not certain whether the Court will further develop this alternative, especially given its most recent class action decisions. This article discusses the development of the ‘exceptional’ view of the class action, the awakening of a ‘functional’ alternative view, and the uncertain path ahead.

Campos, Sergio J, The Class Action Awakens (February 15, 2018).

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