Ronen Perry, ‘Tort Law’ (in The Israeli Legal System: An Introduction, Barak Medina et al eds, 2018)

This book chapter systematically analyzes the fundamental principles of Israeli tort law. Given space limits it focuses on core areas, and does not profess to be comprehensive. Part II discusses fault based liability – intentional torts, negligence, and presumptions of negligence. Part III examines strict liability, including the special regimes pertaining to road accidents, defective products, and defamation, and the general tort of breach of statutory duty. Part IV discusses general defenses – particularly those deriving from the plaintiff’s fault or consent, and the special defenses afforded to the state, public authorities, and civil servants. Part V explains how the bilateral wrongdoer-victim model has been extended by allowing claims against or by third parties. Part VI examines the available remedies.

Perry, Ronen, Tort Law (May 18, 2018), in The Israeli Legal System: An Introduction (Barak Medina et al eds), 2018.

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