Richard Peltz-Steele, ‘Tortz: A Study of American Tort Law (Chapters 1 to 4)’

This textbook represents a survey study of American tort law suitable to American 1L students and foreign law students. When complete, chapters will cover: (1) introduction, (2) intentional torts, (3) defenses to intentional torts, (4) negligence, (5) defenses to negligence, (6) subjective standards, (7) strict liability, (8) necessity, (9) damages, (10) res ipsa loquitur, (11) multiple liabilities, (12) attenuated duty and causation (scope of liability), (13) affirmative duty, (14) nuisance, (15) media torts, (16) business torts, (17) worker compensation, and (18) government liability and ‘constitutional tort’. This pedagogy is built on the teachings of Professor Marshall S Shapo. Chapters will be added as they are completed, anticipating the full work by the end of 2022.

Peltz-Steele, Richard J, Tortz: A Study of American Tort Law (Chapters 1 to 4) (August 15, 2021).

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