Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay, Post VII: Peter Linzer

Contracts of Adhesion: An Oxymoron? Contracts of adhesion are a big topic this year, what with Peggy Radin’s Boilerplate, Oren Bar-Gill’s Seduction By Contract and the ALI’s new Restatement Third of Consumer Contracts. I’ve been focusing on the notion of adhesion, so my view of the fine book that Jean Braucher, Bill Whitford and the late John Kidwell have put together in honor of Stewart Macaulay (pictured below left) is tilted in that direction. Macaulay’s 1963 American Sociological Review article referred to non-contractual relations in business, and many of the essays in the Festschrift (Stewart probably finds the term pretentious, but it surely is a celebration of him and his work) are about business contracts …” (more)

[ContractsProf Blog, 4 September]

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