‘Relating – Equally – Through Property’

Hanoch Dagan, A Liberal Theory of Property (2021). For anyone seeking a rational and convincing justification for private property, Hanoch Dagan’s newly published book, A Liberal Theory of Property, is a compelling read. The book provides an ideal – even utopian – vision of property ownership, arguing that such ownership is, and can only be, legitimate if it is ‘premised on a fundamental commitment to autonomy as self-determination or self-authorship. This commitment explains and justifies both the private authority that characterizes all property types and their inherent limitations’ (p xii). At the same time, the book provides many highly pragmatic descriptions of how property law actually functions to promote and protect self-authorship, as well as prescriptions for how to revise property law to accomplish this function more fully … (more)

[Rashmi Dyal-Chand, JOTWELL, 8 June]

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