Recently Published: Property and Contract: Comparative Reflections on English Law and Spanish Law (John Cartwright and Ángel M López y López eds)

This book explores a range of comparative issues in, and in the relationship between, property law and contract law in English and Spanish law. It also draws on other jurisdictions, including France, Germany, and Austria. This provides readers with access to discussions of these areas of private law that are not easily accessible elsewhere. It goes further, however, than simply setting out similarities and differences: it provides an insightful analysis of key points of interest in the comparison of the legal systems discussed.

Introduction (John Cartwright and Ángel M López y López)

Contract and the Transfer of Ownership in Spanish and Latin American Law: An Overview (Ángel M López y López)

The Dual Role of the Escritura Pública in the Sale of Immovable Property (Manuel Espejo Lerdo de Tejada)

A Non Domino Acquisitions and Protection of Third-Party Purchasers of Immovable Property in the Spanish Legal System (Juan Pablo Murga Fernández)

Contract and Conveyance: The Further Repercussions of Different Transfer Systems (Birke Häcker)

The Creation and Transfer of Property Rights by Contract in English Law (John Cartwright)

The Transfer of Ownership of Goods in the Draft Common Frame of Reference (Francisco Oliva Blázquez)

The Assignment of Contract: Some Comparative Reflections on French and English Law (Agnès Kwiatkowski)

Mistakes in Wills (Simon Douglas)

Private Property and Forced Expropriation: Current Challenges in Spanish Law (Encarnación Montoya Martín)


John Cartwright and Ángel M López y López (eds), Property and Contract: Comparative Reflections on English Law and Spanish Law, Hart, November 2021, 9781509929337, 264pp, RRP: £85 / $115. Discount Price: £68 / $92 – order online at – use the code UG8 for UK orders and HARTUS20 for US orders to get 20% off!

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