‘Re-codification of the Civil Law of Ukraine’, special number of Global Journal of Comparative Law

Re-codification of the Civil Law of Ukraine: On the Way to European Integration (Vasyl Tatsiy)

The Civil Code of Ukraine – A Reliable Regulator of Civil Relations in Civil Society (Nataliia S Kuznietsova, Oleksandr V Petryshyn and Denys S Pylypenko)

Codification of Civil Legislation: At the Turn of the Era (Anatolii S Dovgert, Viktor Ya Kalakura and Nataliia V Vasylyna)

The Legal Form of Financial Institutions as a Way to Protect the Rights of Financial Market Participants (Valentina I Borisova, Igor V Borisov and Farkhad S Karagussov)

The State as a Party to Private Law Relations (Nataliya M Оnishchenko, Tatyana I Tarakhonych and Oleh L Bohinich)

A Pan-European Dimension to the Implementation and Protection of Civil Rights (Maidan K Suleimenov, Oleksii O Kot and Serhii O Pohribnyi)

The Problems of Determining the Time and Legal Consequences of the Occurrence of the Human Right to Life and Health in the Context of Recoding the Civil Law of Ukraine (Vitaly L Yarotskiy, Nataliia V Fedorchenko and Iryna I Puchkovska)

Trends in the Development of Property Law: The Civil Law of Ukraine and the Experience of European Union Countries (Roman I Tashian, Bohdan P Karnaukh and Iryna O Dzera)

The Reform of Civil Legislation on Legal Liability (Yurii D Prytyka, Mykhailo M Khomenko and Ievgeniia A Bulat)

Convergence of the Contract Law of Ukraine and EU Member States (Volodymyr V Luts, Andrii B Hryniak, Mariana D Pleniuk and Valeriia V Krykoves)

The Legal Status of a Company after Decision on Its Liquidation (Viktoriia O Khomenko, Leonid V Efimenko and Valentyna A Vasilyeva)

Trust-like Constructions in the Law of Ukraine (Ganna V Buiadzhy)

Family Law Trends in Ukraine (Vyacheslav I Truba, Lyudmila M Tokarchuk and Stella Ye Morozova)

Arbitrary Judicial Interference in Human Rights Guaranteed by the Convention (Svyatoslav A Slipchenko, Oleh V Syniehubov, Aleksandr R Shyshka and Vikoriia V Valakh)

Implementation of the Right to Inheritance: Problems of Theory and Practice (Svitlana S Bychkova, Nataliia V Bilianska and Tetiana R Fedosieieva)

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Towards Harmonisation of Ukrainian and EU Law (Volodymyr M Kossak, Ihor Ye Yakubivskyi and Mykola V Oprysko)


Global Journal of Comparative Law Volume 10 (2021): Issue 1-2 (Jun 2021)

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