Raul F Zuñiga Peralta, ‘Long-term contracts and the UNIDROIT PICC: towards a realistic regulation’

The 2016 UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (PICC) were the first instrument that explicitly regulated long-term contracts in international commerce. Its main goal was to actualize uniform contract law for the emerging needs of international commerce. Despite this effort, scholars have briefly researched how uniform contract law instruments address international commerce as an economic reality or whether the PICC’s attempt is adequate. The gap in uniform contract law’s – particularly the PICC’s – literature on long-term contracts is odd compared to the completeness of economic literature on the matter. After revealing the pitfalls of the PICC’s regulation, demonstrating the convenience of a thorough review of the economics of long-term contracts, this article elaborates on the necessary character of the connection between uniform contract law and economics. It further reviews the economic research on the factors that prompt long-term contracting and the mechanisms that economic agents designed to address their needs. The overhaul reveals that two paradigmatic economic structures – competitive and cooperative – generally determine the design of long-term contracts. Finally, the article addresses the consequences of including the paradigmatic economic structures of long-term contracts in the PICC rules on contract interpretation and gap-filling.

Raul F Zuñiga Peralta, Long-term contracts and the UNIDROIT PICC: towards a realistic regulation, Uniform Law Review, https://doi.org/10.1093/ulr/unab026. Published: 17 November 2021.

First posted 2021-11-22 10:00:59

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