Print Symposium: Contracts in the Real World: Examining Modern Contracts Pedagogy

Washington Law Review | Volume 88 | Number 4 | December 2013

The Perspective of Law on Contract
Aditi Bagchi

Contract Texts, Contract Teaching, Contract Law: Comment on Lawrence Cunningham, Contracts in the Real World
Brian H. Bix

Reflections on Contracts in the Real World: History, Currency, Context, and Other Values
Lawrence A. Cunningham

Contract Stories: Importance of the Contextual Approach to Law
Larry A. DiMatteo

Contract as Pattern Language
Erik F. Gerding

Cases and Controversies: Some Things to Do With Contracts Cases
Charles L. Knapp

Unilateral Reordering in the Reel World
Jake Linford

Unpopular Contracts and Why They Matter: Burying Langdell and Enlivening Students
Jennifer S. Taub

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