‘Popular singer’s “right to be forgotten” outweighs free speech in Italian case over archival video and biting commentary’

“Because Manchester City FC might need it after today’s derby match, let’s consider the right to be forgotten. As an aspect of European, and increasingly global, data protection law, ‘the right to be forgotten’, or right to erasure, unsettles the tummies of American media advocates. The right to erasure runs up against the presumptive rule of US First Amendment law that there can be no punishment for the republication of truthful information lawfully obtained. Read more about that here (predating implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation). The Italian Court of Cassation has issued a potentially important decision at the intersection of the right to erasure and the freedom of expression …” (more)

[The Savory Tort, 7 April]

First posted 2018-04-09 06:01:18

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