Pasa and Morra, ‘Translating the DCFR and Drafting the CESL, A Pragmatic Perspective’

Translating the DCFR and drafting the CESL have been extremely complex enterprises, and closely dependent one on the other. The volume takes a pragmatic approach in describing them. Structured in four parts, it sets out the historical and philosophical background of legal translation, and then focuses more narrowly on the legal translation processes adopted in the DCFR and the CESL. The volume provides legal and linguistic scholars as well as legal translators with a deeper understanding of the complexity of legal translation processes, which involve many institutional and non-institutional actors, each applying different methods of translation.

Pasa, Barbara and Morra, Lucia, Translating the DCFR and Drafting the CESL. A Pragmatic Perspective (July 7, 2015). Pasa Barbara, Morra Lucia (eds), Translating the CESL and Drafting the CESL. A Pragmatic Perspective, sellier european law publishers, Munich, 2014.

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