‘Overzealous or Legitimate Debt Collection Practices’

“A woman owes $20 to Kohl’s on a credit card. The debt collector allegedly started to ‘harass’ the woman over the debt, calling her cell phone up to 22 times per week as early as 6 am and occasionally after midnight. What would a reasonable customer do? Probably pay the debt, which the woman admits was only a ‘measly $20’. What did this woman do? Not to pay the small debt, telling the caller that they had ‘the wrong number’, and follow the great American tradition of filing suit, alleging violations of the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act which, among other things, makes it illegal to call cell phones using auto dialers or prerecorded voices without the recipient’s consent …” (more)

[Myanna Dellinger, ContractsProf Blog, 18 July]

First posted 2014-07-23 06:30:55

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