Nicholas McBride, ‘Between Chaos and Cosmos: Tony Weir in The Cambridge Law Journal

This article surveys Tony Weir’s case notes and book reviews for the Cambridge Law Journal between 1963 and 2002 in order to illuminate Tony’s unique genius as a legal academic and thinker. Reading Tony’s case notes and book reviews reveals that he cannot be characterised as either a ‘lumper’ (someone who seeks to reduce the law down to a few elemental ideas and concepts) or as a ‘splitter’ (someone who resists such a reduction). Instead, Tony’s genius lay in his possessing the Keatsian quality of ‘negative capability’. This quality allowed Tony to be both a lumper and a splitter at the same time, refusing to identify himself definitively with either way of thinking about the law.

Nicholas J McBride, Between Chaos and Cosmos: Tony Weir in The Cambridge Law Journal, The Cambridge Law Journal, volume 80, supplement S1: 1921–2021 Centenary Issue, September 2021, pp S107-S125, Published online by Cambridge University Press: 4 October 2021.

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