Niamh Dunne, ‘Liberalisation and the Legal Profession in England and Wales’

This article explores the process and impact of liberalisation on the legal profession in England and Wales. Liberalisation brings a tendency to consider the profession in market-focused terms, with the professional-client relationship reconfigured in overtly economic fashion as constituting the interaction of supply and demand. The article examines the past and present structure of the profession, arguments for liberalisation and manifestations of liberalisation efforts. Having identified the distinctive dynamics of supply and demand within legal services markets, the article considers the potential implications, both immediate and in broader societal terms, of reconceptualising the legal profession in this manner.

Niamh Dunne, Liberalisation and the Legal Profession in England and Wales, Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 80, Issue 2, July 2021, pp 274-307. DOI:

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