Nejat Utku Inaltong, ‘The Evolution Of The Notion Of Fair Use In Copyright Law: Where Are We Today’

The notion of copyright has been within us since humankind needed to have protection to its intellectual creativity with an effective method to preserve its continuity. Over the centuries this protection has been widened by the legislations and case laws that tried to determine its scope regarding the legal framework and by the virtue of it, certain exceptions arose to maintain the expression of humankind’s originality through their creativeness and therefore, the notion of ‘fair use’ has been born. However, until its born, and to this day, there are various discussions on how to effectively understand its legal position and in today’s world; with globalization and digitalization, it became even more imperative to obtain a better understanding of this notion. To tackle this highly debated and still evolving term, it is compulsory to start from how did it appear and was established in two major copyright traditions: US and EU copyright law systems, subsequently where it stands in today’s world by case evaluating case law studies and interpreting various regulations around the globe.

Inaltong, Nejat Utku, The Evolution Of The Notion Of Fair Use In Copyright Law: Where Are We Today (September 30, 2020).

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