Micklitz, Svetiev and Comparato, ‘European Regulatory Private Law – The Paradigms Tested’

The working paper collects the research presented in the second annual external workshop of the ERPL Project that took place on 16 and 17 May 2013 at the EUI in Florence. The second year of the project was devoted to the collection of empirical evidence in the various sub-projects, as well as in further elaboration of the theoretical and conceptual parameters that frame the project research. The theoretical parts of the working paper collects contributions on the relation between private autonomy and regulation (in Part I) as well as on the transformation of private law, including the drivers of the transformation in the public/private divide that in turn affects the purview of private law, as well as the transformation in the form and function of contract law and tortious liability (in Part III). The empirical part of the working paper contains contributions investigating the topics of remedies, standardisation of services, and telecommunications, analysed from the perspective of the parameters of hybridization, convergence and self-sufficiency, as elaborated in the previous working paper of the project LAW 2012/31 ERPL-01.

Micklitz, Hans‐W and Svetiev, Yane and Comparato, Guido, European Regulatory Private Law – The Paradigms Tested (April 10, 2014). European Regulatory Private Law Project (ERC-ERPL – 07); EUI Working Paper LAW No. 2014/04.

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