‘Measuring Common Claims About Class Actions’

Joanna C Schwartz, The Cost of Suing Business, 65 DePaul Law Review 655 (2016). Joanna C Schwartz’s 2016 article, ‘The Cost of Suing Business’, comes out of the Clifford Symposium on Tort Law and Social Policy at DePaul University College of Law – an annual gathering now in its twenty-fourth year that, under Professor Stephan Landsman’s singular stewardship, has been the site of so much valuable inquiry. In the article, Schwartz questions a narrative that has succeeded in both Congress and the Court: that ‘class actions are the most significant scourge on business ever conjured up by man’ (P 655). In her words: … (more)

[Nora Freeman Engstrom, JOTWELL, 16 March]

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