Mark Campbell, Review of Ross Cranston, Making commercial law through practice 1830–1970

Making commercial law through practice 1830–1970 by Ross Cranston, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2021, 483 pp, £85 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-107-19889-0. Commercial law is a popular subject amongst law students and Making Commercial Law through Practice 1830-1970 should be required reading for those who teach commercial law. The book (or at least parts thereof) will be a useful addition to reading lists for commercial law modules, and perhaps also a helpful resource for students undertaking commercial law dissertations. The author, an academic lawyer and retired High Court judge, sets out to explain the backdrop against which English commercial law developed in the years 1830 to 1970 … (more)

Mark Campbell, ‘Book Review: Making commercial law through practice 1830-1970’, The Law Teacher, Published online: 28 September 2021.

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