Lynn Wardle, ‘Reconciling Private Autonomy and Public Interests in Family Law’

One of the dilemmas in which modern and post-modern liberal governments struggle is how to reconcile the struggle between the quest for and the commitment to foster and protect individual liberty, independence, and autonomy with the need to teach, foster, insure, and protect civic (social and community) duties and responsibilities. This struggle is no more prevalent or tensions sharply conflicted than in the area of family law. The consequences for individuals, couples, children, families, and societies are great, and rest on how the different and competing interests are balanced and reconciled. The family is the bridge connecting those two interests.

Wardle, Lynn D., Reconciling Private Autonomy and Public Interests in Family Law (May 13, 2012). II Confronting the Frontiers of Family Succession Law, Liber Amicorum Walter Pintens, 1747-1761 (2012).

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