‘Law’s Arithmetic’

Edward Cheng, Ehud Guttel and Yuval Procaccia, ‘Sequencing in Damages’, 74 Stanford Law Review (forthcoming, 2022), available at SSRN. My favorite type of paper is the type where you hit your forehead asking yourself: how did I miss this simple point? How did everyone else miss it? Why didn’t I write this paper myself, given that its main insight was under my nose for so many years? In ‘Sequencing in Damages’, Edward Cheng, Ehud Guttel and Yuval Procaccia (hereinafter: CGP) made me hit my forehead. The paper is forthcoming in the Stanford Law Review, and deservedly so. CGP’s paper is about law’s arithmetic. It is a well-known stereotype that students go to law school because they cannot stand math. Perhaps this is why lawyers, judges and law professors seem to fail in applying what looks like really simple math … (more)

[Ronen Avraham, JOTWELL, 11 August]

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