Law and Contemporary Problems: Special number on ‘The Public Dimension of Contract’

Bertram Lomfeld and Dan Wielsch, ‘Foreword’; Bertram Lomfeld, ‘Contract as Deliberation’; Hanoch Dagan, ‘Autonomy, Pluralism, and Contract Law Theory’; Thomas Gutmann, ‘Some Preliminary Remarks on a Liberal Theory of Contract’; Florian Rödl, ‘Contractual Freedom, Contractual Justice, and Contract Law (Theory)’; Hugh Collins, ‘The Vanishing Freedom to Choose a Contractual Partner’; Lorenz Kähler, ‘Contract-Management Duties as a New Regulatory Device’; Alessandro Somma, ‘Private Law as Biopolitics: Ordoliberalism, Social Market Economy, and the Public Dimension of Contract’; Peer Zumbansen, ‘Transnational Private Regulatory Governance: Ambiguities of Public Authority and Private Power’; Andreas Abegg, ‘The Legitimacy of the Contracting State’ ; Pasquale Femia, ‘Desire for Text: Bridling the Divisional Strategy of Contract’; Marc Amstutz, ‘Contract Collisions: An Evolutionary Perspective on Contractual Networks’; Dan Wielsch, ‘Relational Justice’.

[Law and Contemporary Problems, Volume 76, Number 2, September 2013]

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