Just published: John Oberdiek (ed), Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Torts

“Contemporary philosophy and tort law have long enjoyed a happy union. Tort theory today is an exceptionally active and wide ranging field within legal philosophy. This volume brings together established and emerging scholars from around the world and from varying disciplines that bring their distinct perspective to the philosophical problems of tort law. These ground breaking essays advance longstanding debates and open up new avenues of enquiry thus deepening and broadening the field. Contributions cover the major problematic areas of tort law, such as the relations between responsibility, fault, and strict liability; the morality of harm, compensation, and repair; and the relationship of tort with criminal and property law among many others …” (more)

John Oberdiek (ed), Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Torts. (Philosophical Foundations of Law series.) 464 pages, 246x171mm, 978-0-19-870138-5, hardback, £75.00, 20 March 2014. Also available as: eBook.

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