Just Published: ‘Illegality after Patel v Mirza’ (Sarah Green and Alan Bogg eds)

1. Introduction (Alan Bogg and Sarah Green)

Part I: General Perspectives on Illegality
2. A New Dawn for the Law of Illegality (Andrew Burrows)
3. The Law of Illegality: Identifying the Issues (James Goudkamp)
4. Restitution or Confiscation/Forfeiture? Private Rights versus Public Values (Robert Sullivan)
5. Not a Principle of Justice? (Nicholas J McBride)
6. Illegality as a Rationing Rule (Frederick Wilmot-Smith)
7. Illegality, Familiarity and the Law Commission (James Lee)

Part II: Specific Perspectives on Illegality
8. Illegality and Contractual Enforcement after Patel v Mirza (Janet O’Sullivan)
9. Illegality and Zero Sum Torts (Sarah Green)
10. Illegality and Unjust Enrichment (Graham Virgo)
11. Ramifications of Patel v Mirza in the Law of Trusts (Paul S Davies)
12. Illegality in Labour Law after Patel v Mirza: Retrenchment and Restraint (Alan Bogg)

Part III: Comparative Perspectives on Illegality
13. Whither Now Illegality and Statute: An Australian Perspective (William Gummow)
14. Illegality and Canadian Private Law: Hall v Hebert‘s Legacy (Mitchell McInnes)
15. The Impact of Illegality and Immorality on Contract and Restitution from a Civilian Angle (Birke Häcker)

Illegality after Patel v Mirza, edited by Sarah Green and Alan Bogg. Published 14-06-2018. 408pp. ISBN 9781509912773. Hart Studies in Private Law. £85.00.

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