Irit Samet, ‘On Trusts, Angels, Morality and Fusion: Reply to My Critics’

I am deeply grateful to the four commentators for engaging with my work in a deep and creative manner; tempting such outstanding scholars setting their inquisitive minds unto my work x is the best I could possibly ask for. Their thoughts set me unto new paths that correspond with the present book but move beyond it. There is no way I can do justice in this short piece to all the excellent points they raise in their critique. I therefore chose to write about four themes that recur in two or more of the papers: the place of the trust in my account of Equity, the extent to which equity sides with (moral) angles, whether the morality invoked by Equity is thick or thin, and the question to what extent Equity as it emerges from the book can be the subject of future fusion projects.

Samet, Irit, On Trusts, Angels, Morality and Fusion: Reply to My Critics (April 29, 2019). Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, volume 21, issue 1, June 2020, pages 50-65,, King’s College London Law School Research Paper forthcoming.

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