Grigoleit and Tomasic, ‘Acquis Principles’

The Acquis Principles (ACQP) are a systematic compilation of model rules and principles derived from the existing EU private law. They have been drafted by a group of European scholars (Research Group on the Existing EC Private Law, the so-called Acquis Group). Their purpose is according to Art 1:101(2) ACQP to serve as a source for the drafting, the transposition and the interpretation of European Community law‘. Together with the model rules drafted by the Lando Commission (Principles of European Contract Law (PECL)) and its successor organization, the Study Group on a European Civil Code, the ACQP are one of the two main sources for the Draft Common Frame of Reference CFR). Based on the structure of the restatements of the American Law Institute, the ACQP are published as a body of model rules with annotations and explanations in three languages (English, French and German). Although the Acquis Group intends to conduct research on all areas of private law, its work, so far, has focused on contract law.

Grigoleit, Hans Christoph and Tomasic, Lovro, Acquis Principles (June 30, 2011). MAX PLANCK ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW, Jurgen Basedow, Klaus J. Hopt and Reinhard Zimmermann, eds., Oxford University Press, December 2012.

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