‘Estimating the Value of the Public Domain’

Paul J Heald, Kris Erickson and Martin Kretschmer, The Valuation of Unprotected Works: A Case Study of Public Domain Photographs on Wikipedia, 28 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (forthcoming, 2015), available at SSRN. By now, most Jotwell readers will be familiar with the terrific empirical research that Paul Heald has been doing on the public domain. Now, Paul has teamed up with Kristopher Erickson and Martin Kretschmer, scholars at the University of Glasgow and the CREATe centre (which stands for Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise, and Technology). CREATe is a publicly funded multi-disciplinary program that provides research support to produce evidence-based assessments of IP policies — something I think we can all agree that we like lots …” (more)

[Chris Buccafusco, JOTWELL, 17 June]

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