Eleonore Lecocq, ‘Correlative fiduciary liability’


The ultimate aim of this thesis is to demonstrate that the effect of applying a corrective structure to fiduciary obligations is edifying. Corrective justice is a bipolar relationship where each of the poles refers to individuals conceptually linked through the legal relationship between them. Because corrective justice is bipolar, the upshot of such an approach ought to result in the promise of greater integrity and clarity flowing from a renewed interest in the relationship between fiduciary and principal. Underlying this polishing of the fiduciary relationship is the long-held ambition for the fiduciary relationship not to suffer from ambiguity as a symptom of its expansion beyond the sphere of trusts.

Eleonore F. Lecocq, Correlative fiduciary liability. A thesis submitted for the degree of LLM, Graduate Department of Law, University of Toronto, 2011.

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