Dufficy and Paterson, ‘Robotic surgery from the litigator’s perspective’

“Robots are mainstream technology and broadly acceptable to humanity in many roles. They have landed upon other worlds and gone for a wander. Robots are sexual partners, pets, cooks and carers. They have become friends to autistic children and advanced ways of caring for them. They enhance life, extend our capabilities and bring us to new frontiers. Robots have been assisting with surgery since 1983 when the Arthrobot was first used in Canada. The DaVinci surgical robot (manufactured and distributed by Intuitive Surgical Inc) was developed in the US in the late 1990s and first installed in the UK at St Mary’s Hospital, London in 2001 …”

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Conor Dufficy and Jill Paterson, ‘Robotic surgery from the litigator’s perspective’ [2021] Journal of Personal Injury Law (4) 218-224.

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