Despotovic and Tomić, ‘Obligations of the Contracting Parties in the Service Contract’

The subject of the paper are the obligations of the contracting parties, ie the contractor and client, arising from the conclusion of a service contract. A service contract is one of the oldest forms of contractual obligations, but it is also a contract constantly being changed and adapted to emerging life situations. A service contract is a consensual, nominate, onerous and bilaterally binding contract. Therefore, it is a contract in which the obligations of the contracting parties are determined. The contractor has the obligation to complete the work, and hand it over to the client, while the client is obliged to pay remuneration for the contractor`s work. Also, one of the distinguishing facts of a service contract is that it is often concluded with regard to the contractor’s personality, so the fulfillment of the obligation is related to the personality of the contractor due to whose attributes the contract was concluded.

Danijela Despotovic and Zoran Tomić, Obligations of the Contracting Parties in the Service Contract, Pravo – Teorija I Praksa, 38(3), 14-27, 2021, Published 2021-11-03.

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